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Seventh Annual
Sovereign Grace Bible
Church Conference.

April 26-28, 2002

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Conference Opening:

Jesse Gistand
Grace Bible Church, San Leandro, Ca

Jesse Gistand - Conference Opening (Video Only)

Conference Speakers included:

  Gene Harmon
Rescue Baptist Church, Sacramento, Ca

Gene Harmon - Friday Night (Video)
Gene Harmon - Friday Night (Audio)

  Don Fortner
Grace Baptist Church, Danville, Ky

Don Fortner - Friday Night (Video)
Don Fortner - Friday Night (Audio)

Don Fortner - Sunday (Audio)

Marvin Stalnaker
Franklin Sovereign Grace Church, Franklin, Tn

Marvin Stalnaker - Saturday Night (Video)
Marvin Stalnaker - Saturday Night (Audio)

Todd Nibert
Todd's Road Grace Church, Lexington, Ky

Todd Nibert - Saturday ( Video) 
Todd Nibert - Saturday ( Audio)

Todd Nibert - Sunday ( Audio)


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