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Picnic August 19, 2006

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! Ps 133:1

This is our 3rd annual GBC picnic. And it was Great! About 150 people came out and we had a ball. My wife , Barbara, she’s in there with a green shirt on, and a visor, organized the activities with some of our other sisters. We did the tug - a rope. And of course my team won. Even though we were smaller. ( Pastor power), and great technique, given by brother Tim Williams. We also did the Limbo under the pole. Angelo, the mighty deacon , former surfer, won that hands down this year, going lower than even most of the children. There was face painting by Sister Gall. Her husband is the handsome fellow with the musketeer look. You can see her Daughter Kali, and our other sister Cathy, putting on the war paint for the battle! And her Son Austin, killed Elmo! You will find Elmos head, on His shoulders as a trophy of His one swing, execution of the children's favorite game. The piñata. We had our swimmers, diving off ten foot platforms, and very serious chess men, whom, I believe were still at the park when everyone else left. And of course greaaaat Barbeque ribs, chicken and other foods. It was a great time. Thank you Art and Gene for coming down from Roseville to be with us. Next year, the Lord willing, we have other and more enjoyable treats to engage in for all. See you there!

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