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What is Grace Bible Church's position on Spiritual Gifts? Do you all believe that the charismatic and other Spiritual Gifts are operating today? Or do you believe in the cessation of Spiritual Gifts?


Thank you for writing.

There are three observations to be made concerning your inquiry:

The first has to do with interpretation of 1cor 13:8,9 and Rev 22:18,19

The second has to do with what actually is happening today in that realm called spiritual gifts.
Are there really miracles occurring through the medium of special
  men or women of god? ( I do not believe that they are.) Not according to 30yrs of Christian living and observation of the behavior of the Church and it's alleged sign manifestations. - Prov 25:14- 19:5,9 -

The third consideration, is that God has warned his elect, that the devils main feature, in the realm of religion is to deceive the masses with signs and lying wonders. Mt 24:24/ 2Thess 2:9-11 / Deut 13 / Rev 13:11-14/Rev 20:1-7- Rev 22:18,19

I trust that these passage will be considered carefully, and will help you to understand the exceedingly important significance involved in what is often viewed as a mere academic issue.

By Grace, Alone



Pastor Jesse: 

Thanks to your influence by way of the Holy Spirit, I am leading a Bible Study called Jesus in the Old Testament where we find the Gospel truth in the Old Testament. However, I got stuck on a verse... Genesis 3:10 

Jesus being the 2nd Adam, and how in Genesis it is Gods marvelous salvation plan.  But vs. 10 says that Adam was "afraid". 

I can understand vs 8 that Adam "hid" his wife / his bride the church because we are "hid" in Him. 

I can understand vs 9 that the LORD called Adam, because He was the one that stood in our place. 

But Vs 10 says that when Adam / Jesus heard Gods voice, "I was afraid".  I cannot find any doctrine or other vs that supports Jesus being afraid.  In fact, Jesus willingly / knowingly gave His life for us with full confidence and assurance He would accomplish that which His Father sent Him to do. 

So, how can Jesus be "afraid". 

Please help me work this through.


A couple of things you must understand about typology. One, is that there is what is called parallel typology. That is, when the type parallels attributes and characteristics to it's anti-type. 

1. Adam a man - Jesus a man
2. Adam a representative - Jesus a representative
3. Adam put to sleep for a wife- Jesus dies( sleep metaphor) for a wife
4. Adam made to have Dominion - Jesus rules all things. Etc

But there are also what is called " Contrasting type" 

1. Adam was made out of the ground - Jesus born of a women
2. Adam was good - Jesus was perfect
3. Adam could sin - Jesus could not sin ( impeccable)
4. Adam knew only the law - Jesus knew everything
5. Adams fear, was to represent all the fears of the fallen race.
6.Jesus boldness, was to overcome that fear, through obedience-

This is Rom 5:10-18 - Sin in through Adam (1)  Sin out through Adam(2) Failure by Adam (1) - success by Adam (2) . Christ the anti type, will always, be the perfection of what is flawed in the typology.  Whether that be , National Israel, The Temple, the sacrifices, The Kings, Priests, prophets etc. Where they fail, the hope is that, their reality succeeds. The reality is Christ 

However, Jesus did fear! He did fear. The Garden of Gethsemane. Luke 22:41-44 He was said to fear, heb 5: 1-9 It was a holy fear, but it was a fear, by which he could be touched with our infirmity, to be our faithful high priest.

BUT! What the Genesis account is setting up, is the hiding that lost sinners do, until Jesus, who is the voice of God, comes in search of the elect, to redeem them! 

Be careful to know where the typology stops, in order to teach the message of redemption in that text.

Blessings to you in the study!
By Grace, Alone



I submitted this question before but never received an answer.  Now I have two questions.  For a period of time (approximately 6 months) I was joined with another Christian and we prayed and read the Word and prayed for about an hour or more.  One Saturday, during the prayer, I began to utter words that made no sense to me - it was as if the words were rushing out of my mouth like water.  Then I began saying repeatedly "Love the Lord".  When I came to myself, I was on the other side of the room and my shoes and socks were off.  I was told that I spoke in tongues and translated those words.  If one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues, why is it not practiced in all Bible based churches? 
More important to me at this time, is my question of whether I am really saved.  I believe that I answered God's Call for me.  I can remember a season when I was on fire and all I wanted to do was pray and hear the Word of God.  Today, I am confused.  Am I vessel of wrath?  How can I know for certain that I am saved?


Dear Debra,

I will tell you what I tell most who express the experience you have mentioned. That nothing in the bible ever describes such behavior as of God. Nor is it normative to be a doctrine to practice by the Church of God .

Nothing is more clear in the scriptures, than the warning to not base your reality of salvation on such experiences.  Mt24:24

I would ask you to get the dvd, from our resources department. Ask Mike Costa for the kundalini spirit. Watch it, several times, and we will then discuss what you experienced.

By Grace Alone,




Hi Prima, Thank you for your questions. And I understand your concern. I will try to clarify some things. Other things you said, will only become evident by God's mercy in revealing to you the truth of the gospel!  Mt 11:25-27 

Dear Pastor Jesse,

In your recent bible study; the one where the white gentleman inquired about his salvation and where I also asked the question about "others" who have come to altars around this country and have received Jesus Christ for their salvation.

"Answer" You cannot receive a Jesus, you do not know! Rom 10:13-15. If the gospel, which very few preach today, is not preached in a sermon or message, then Christ was not made known in his person and work. To attach an invitation at the end of a sermon and expect people to respond, is not the gospel. Salvation is a revelation of the Savior to the heart. Acts 16:14

It is for this reason Paul persecuted the Church until he met the Savior himself. So it is with this generation. Many people are blind to the truth in Christ, and worship God in ignorance. Rom 10:1-4  Israel is a sterling example of this.

The bible speaks of RECEIVING Jesus. I believe your point is when people say that they "have made a decision" for Jesus and that is giving the credit to man and not Jesus.

"Answer" To receive Jesus, is for him to reveal himself to you through the truth of the gospel. It is not to make a decision. No where is this mechanism used in scripture. Nowhere!

Further, Paul said to the Corinthians, that they had accepted, another jesus, and another spirit, and another gospel. 2cor 11-14

 You mentioned that people who are concerned about others are either "morbidly obsessed" or "self-righteous" in their concern about those others.

"Answer" The man in context, was seeking to defend the pagan practice of babbling and signs and wonders, spiritual chaos and heretical practices, as a place where men and women can be saved. It is not so. PLEASE do your research on the gifts of the spirit and you might learn that we are dealing heavily with demonic experiences passing off as real conversions.

2thess 2:3-12 / Mt 24:24 / 2Peter 2:1-3 / 17-22

 I disagree with you....I fit neither of those adjectives. My question came out of a pure concern for others. People like dear friends and family who have "come to the altar." 

"Answer"  You are welcome to disagree, Prima, but many people are seeking to justify their experiences in cultic or heretical settings, and to assume people in those settings are saved, so as not to face the harsh reality of the narrow way, of gospel truth as the door of salvation. 

Mt 7:13-20

As for relatives etc, we all have them , in false religion and ignorance. We wish them to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. But we do them no favors by suggesting they know the Lord when the evidence is otherwise. That is what I was addressing with that man in our audience and the question itself.

 With all due respect pastor how can you tell that man that he was not saved!  How do you know this? I am not omniscient, and therefore do not know that man's heart.  Pastor, how do you tell your flock to know if they are saved?

Cannot God use any method he chooses to save his children?

"Answer"  This is the crux of your issue. It is one many people abide with. "Cannot God use any method He chooses?"    God has not left us in the dark concerning these things. The problem, today, is the same as it was with Israel. We are seeking the broad road of religious experience as the proof of our religious experience, instead of the word of God! Isa 8:20

Rom 10:17 " God saves, through preaching, not entertainment, music, my stoicism, etc 1cor 1:18: And He saves only through the truth, in Christ. Eph 1:13. And that by faithful men. 

Men faithful to the gospel message, without tampering, or watering it down, to make it palatable to the carnal nature. 2cor 4:1-6 

To open the door for the supposition  that God can use anything, is the Baal Peor, that destroyed Israel in the wilderness, just at the brink of entrance into the promise land. Num 25:1-18  

 It is interesting that in one of your Bible studies, you mentioned the church with the 3 crosses....I guess you are speaking of Neighborhood Church which happens to be my church at the present time.

Answer: Dear Prima, I would ask you to give me the last three sermons your pastor preached. And I will tell you if He preaches the gospel, or not!

"Answer" What I have come to hear of the ministry of neighborhood Church, in terms of it's dedication to the gospel of God's grace in Christ, concerns me. 

 I invite you to come and hear Pastor Vold's sermons....he, like yourself preaches  JESUS CHRIST.....his style is different but the message is the same. I thoroughly enjoy your bible studies and am learning much as you are a bible scholar.

 I just don't agree with your message about how people come to salvation.

"Salvation, is of the Lord. God does it. And He does it the same way He always has"
Through the truth! John 17:17 / 2thess 2:13

Your Bible Student,
Prima Mosely



The Old King James version of the Bible speaks of the faith OF Christ (meaning the faith fullness of Christ) Gal 3:20, Rom 3:22. Gal 2:16

The New King James and other modern version changes the faith OF Christ  to faith IN Christ  (meaning our faith in Christ )

Which is correct and Why?


In each case where the verses were cited, the meaning is clear in it's context. That is salvation apart from the works of the law. That is the contextually demanded interpretation.

We are saved by faith, apart from works.

The grammatical challenges are a bit more difficult in that the choices are not always that cut and dry.

Sometimes what can be translated as the faithfulness of Christ, such as Gal 2:16, where in the emphasis would be on the objective work of Christ, as the means of our justification cannot be dogmatically set forth by virtue of the usage of the prepositions (of, or through) and their place in the sentence. 

In the case of Romans 3:19-26 it is clear, that righteousness was accomplished by Christ obedience, but it is imputed , through faith or believing, as the means of apprehending it.

On one side, subjective faith is the instrument of apprehending God's righteousness.

On the other hand, objectively faith (fullness), is the cause of righteousness by the work of Christ our substitute.

Both passages can safely bear these two approaches and yet the context would demand that we prefer one or the other as the dominant point.

I hope this helps



Hello,  I had the pleasure for attending your bible study on Friday evening in which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have a couple of biblical question that I am hoping Pastor Jesse could answer for me.  All my questions have to due with salvation.

Matthew 18:11 The Son of man is come to save that which was lost

1).I believe that this is referring to all of mankind being lost and Christ came  to save all of mankind .If this true and knowing that Christ could not fell.  Would this mean that in this dispensation of grace  all men  are save but not all men are a part of the body of  Christ?

Romans 5:18 by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.

2).What is the justification of life that has come upon all men?

1 Timothy 2:5, 6 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.

3). Christ gave himself a ransom for all. Would that not in clued non- believers. Covered Under the grace of God?

1 Corinthians15: 22 in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive . 

4). Is this not justification unto life for all?  Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:

John 1:29 Jesus is the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.   

5). Jesus took way the sin of the world who can be charged with sin?

Matthew 22 Jesus tells a parable of a King that prepared a marriage. for is son. I believe this king is God the son is Jesus, and the bride is the church. Those that were first invited were the Jews and when they refused God sent his servant   into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good 

6).My question is regarding those both bad and good. They are not a part of the church because the church is the bride of Christ. The good that were invited could be the Old Testament saints and the tribulation saints but who are those that were considered bad that were invited. Could these be individual that were not a part of the body of Christ but were covered by the grace of God?

Hebrew 2:9  But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.

If Christ tasted death for every man would not this suggest that he has pay the wages  of sin for every man?

1 John 2:2: 2And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the whole world.

7). Did Jesus the atoning sacrifice give himself for the election  only , or did he give himself for  the whole  and if so  what does this mean?


Thank you for your comments and questions. As you read my response please take the time to carefully look at the verses. Thy are not given to inundate you. But rather to demonstrate a full counsel of scripture, concerning your position stated.

Proper interpetation, essential to sound doctrine! It is essential when looking at any one verse to interpet that verse in light of both it's context, and the whole of scripture. 2Tim 2:15 / 1Thess 5:21 / Isa 28:8,9/ John 10:35 / Mt 22:29

If, the interpetations we conclude are contrary to the whole tenor of scripture then we can be sure we have not properly understood that passage. We have either read into it our own assumptions, or we have simply neglected what the larger biblical data has to say concerning the text. The scriptures are not contradictory, and they do not allow for interpetations which diametrically appose explicit truth affirmed elsewhere.1cor 14:33

That men will perish, is clear!  In fact , more will perish than be saved: Mt 7:13,14/21,23/  Rev 20:11-15 / 2Peter 3:16 / Heb 6:8 / 2Thess 1:7-10 / 2:10-12/ Mt 25:46 - etc" He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned" . Many are called few are chosen. Which means, that the possiblity of all being saved is untenable. Christ did not come to save all men. John 10:17-31.

There are sheep and there are goats. And the difference is election! Eph 1:3,4/ Rom8;28-30 /1Thess 1:4-10 / 1Peter 1:1,2 / Mt 24:24 /Mark 13:20/  While all are sinners, not all are sheep. Neither will the goats become sheep, but rather the ones who do not come to believe the gospel, are such as never were sheep, but goats, and will perish, with Judas Escariot, Who was a devil, and a son of perdition: John 6:70 / 17:12/ Acts 1:25, " Going to His own place / John 10;24-27

And as you rightly assumed, that a Soveriegn God cannot fail, as he said, "All that the Father giveth me, will come to me, and he that cometh to me, having been drawn of the Father, I will in no wise cast out". John 6:37/44/65 Hell, is not the failure of God! It is the purpose of God. He is determined to be glorified, in His justice, through the rebellion of sinners. Rom 9:17-23/ Ps 2:11,12/ Ps 11:4-7 / Isa 66:24   

Just as He is determined to be glorified in His mercy, to sinners, by the free Soveriegn Grace of God, in Christ. This is not an emotionally satisfying answer, but it is consistent with both the character of God as Holy, and His omnipotence. Rev 19:1-6 / 17-20. Mt 22:13/ Mt24:51   

THEREFORE, the use of the word ALL! Must always be understood in it's context.Read John 3:26/John 12:19. " This cannot mean every human being in the world"  IN Adam, all die!  IN  Christ, ALL ( All in Christ, being elected, chosen, predestinated, justified, and glorified, by and with him) LIVE! 1cor 15:22

Not all men are in Christ. Nor are all men to be saved. All nations of men, yes. Men from every nation, tribe, kindred and people. But not absolutely every individual born into this world. Not every indidivual has heard the gospel. If you carefully search you wil come to know this! But those, who Jesus came to seek and to save, He will successfully find,and save them  Luke 15:1-7

Please read this verse carefully!

And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; 10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.  Rev 5:9

If, I have read your mail corectly, you have espoused a universalist interpetation of the atonement of Jesus Christ. A position popular with many in liberal circles, who cannot grasp the testimony of scripture, which sets forth a day of judgment and punsihment of men. A subsequent abandonment of them to an eternal doom.

And therefore, somehow they proffer the hope of all actually being delivered from this wrath of God, by the Work of Christ, for them, even if they do not know of it, or believe in it. In the Church or out of it. Muslim, Hindu. Buddist, Atheist,etc.

This is wrong, and delusional theology.    Ps1:1-6

Please read the verses cited carefully, and meditate on them, and then respond.

God's blessing!




Last night in Bible study you were asked to pray for an infant that will probably die and a question came to my mind. When you prayed, you said, "if the child was God's elect". I have always believed that all infants go to be with the Lord when they die based on what David said when the first child of he and Bathsheba died. He told his servants that the child could not come back to him, but he would go to the child.

So my question is... do all infants go to be with the Lord when they die?


I would certainly hope that all children would be destined for glory, who die in infancy. For a number of reasons. But! What David said, only suggest a few things, that since He was a believer, his confidence was in the God of the covenant. I will be a God to you and to your children!

This truth has not place in the unbelievers conversation. Since if they should die, without Christ, to say, that they shall go to him, but he shall not return to me, is to say, they shall see that child in hell! This is what makes it, unpalatable to seriously consider hell.

For those who do not believe, what bases can they expect God to save their children, when they do not believe in God or perhaps even hell?

Davidís confidence was covenantal!  However, it is the view of many, such as the Baptist, that all children who die, before the age of accountability, will go to heaven, having been elect in Christ, whose death would have atoned for their sins.

This is a tenable position. but not from a real source of scripture. some of the passages cited, are remote and only hint at a state of innocence when dead, and therefore free from the judgment.

I guarded my words, because I did not want to presume upon these folks. I also believe that I was referring to the parentís election, not the child!



Hello Pastor Gistand, Please, may you give scriptures on the origins of faith in regards to someone making a decision to accept Christ in light of the faith they think they possess.

Thank you.


What your friend should know, is that they do not possess faith. It is a gift of God:  Eph 2:8,9 / Gal 5:22 / Acts 3:16/ Phil1:29 They need to be aware, that a decision for Jesus, is not the same as believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. It's like a person deciding to get married, but never doing it! Many people have prayed the sinners prayer, who were never born again. The evidence, is that they still live exactly like they did, before they made the decision. Or, they have no love for the truth. This is the key evidence. 2thess 2:11,12 If they have a false gospel. A works salvation. Their works plus Christ work, they havenít received the love of the TRUTH!

The Churches are reeking with liars, and false doctrine. And if this person does not bear the marks of a genuine Christian, they will believe a lie, and perish; even though they made a decision.   John 10:26 Read Mt 7:21-23  Remember, the reason these people perish, in Mt 7 is because they thought first, that salvation was a one time act on their part. ( A decision for Jesus) What they were not told, is that true believing, is a gift from God, so that no boasting occurs: of on going trust, reliance and obedience to Jesus Christ as Lord.That is is a work that God does in us, by His Spirit  Phil 2:13, so that there is no boasting. And that til the day we die, we will live giving God the glory for everything. Everything. 1cor 1:29

These people boasted, in themselves! And when a person starts off, I made a decision for Jesus, they are boasting in themselves. Instead the language should be; He saved me Titus 3:5. He gave me faith Eph 2:8,9  He drew me, John 6:44 He opened my eyes, 2cor 4:6  He kept me by his power and grace, 1Pet 1:5 And he alone will preserve me, and present me spotless before His throne. 1Thess 5:23,24 Test your friend with these passages. If they turn away, it means they are still lost. They have never heard the true gospel and are still blinded by religion." Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and causes to approach unto thee, that they might dwell in thy courts, We shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy courts, even thy holy temple" Ps 65:4 

By Grace, Alone



I just listened to the lesson from last Friday from Romans chapter 4 for the 4th time. I thank God that when I can't attend Bible Study I can listen on line.  I truly thank God for giving me a heart to believe, and faith.   The truths I'm hearing is really opening up the scriptures that I have read for years.  It breaks my heart that for years I've told people untruths about faith and receiving Christ.  Oh how my heart hurts that I truly thought I was giving truth to those people.  But I must praise God for where he has brought me realizing that He is sovereign and in control of my life.

I have come to see how hearing the gospel all the time has truly made a difference in my life.  My ears are so sensitive to false doctrine now that I'm offending a lot of people. Friends think I'm off when I speak against their idols like T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn etc. I get the impression that they don't want to hear me talking about the "gospel" any more.   It really makes me see how blessed I am. 

Never stop preaching and declaring the truth of the scriptures.



You are not alone. Many of God's people are living in a world of blind religionist.

Folks who never would think to take a careful look into the teachings of scripture. 1Thess 5:21. 1John 4:1  As for Hinn, Jakes, Bynum, Olsteen, Etc ; Every one who knows the truth, no where these people stand.

 1John 4:4-6 / John 8:23/ John 10:24-30 

 By Grace, Alone



I have a few questions.  First can a backslider still be saved if so how?  Second I got baptized in a oneness Pentecostal church.  I never agreed in being baptized in Jesus name only, and debated with the Pastor about it.  But me being a new Christian I didn't know too much.  I did want to be baptized, so I did.  Lately, God has been putting it in my heart to do it the right way.  Third I don't feel like I did in the beginning.  I feel my heart has hardened and I'm not as brave to witness and feel because of errors in my walk with God and Christ that I don't have the right to witness and have the right standing with the Lord.  Growing up in a oneness Pentecostal with all the legalism I think it somewhat confused me, frustrate me, and lead me to pain and anger.  I put down somewhat, because I guess I have to take some of the blame.  Please help a brother in Christ who is trying to find answers and peace with God. Thank you and God bless.


I fully understand where you are coming from. We all got it wrong the first time. We didnít know that the enemy had so many false gospels and erroneous doctrines out there. That is not really your fault. It is the preachers who teach error, and those who fail to warn about it.

Can a backslider be saved? Sure! Isa 55:1-12 God calls sinners from a backslidden state. The prodigal! Luke 15. And chances are the backslider who actually comes to Christ, was merely wrapped up in religion instead of the Savior! This time around, He will know the difference. He should get under sound teaching and rest in Christ, until He is sound in the gospel, and He won't be able NOT to tell it! This time, in the humility of Christ, with power!

By His Grace , Alone,


If end times are of no importance to us as Christians, why is it even covered in the bible...especially since this subject tends to divide believers?


When you start a question off with "if" you are presupposing something. Either what you are stating is true, or it' isn't, and you are assuming  that the effect justifies cause.

Well of course everything in the bible is important. Everything! How we approach them is the issue.

With regards to eschatology! The study of endtime things. We are living them out, right now! Just as we have every since our wonderful Savior revealed Himself in the flesh 2000ys ago. The issue is, what is the consistent and bibilcal view of end time teaching, and how does it affect our lives as believers? Trust me, there is a day coming when, there will be so much fervor over this matter, that we won't be able to escape it.

I want to encourage you to learn how to hear!  If it does not exalt Christ alone. If it exalts a nation, a Church, a man, if it promotes an ecumenical unity, it will be from antiChrist. No matter how exciting it is!

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. 40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

41 I receive not honor from men.

43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. 44 How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

God bless you

Dear Pastor Jesse,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Question 1:
This morning  I referred to myself as a saved sinner, which caused some distress among other saints attending 6:00 a.m. prayer.  I was told the correct response is to refer to myself as a saved saint.  My response was that okay, but I am still a sinner as long as I live on this side of Heaven.  What am I missing?

Question 2:
Another concern I have, in studying how Christ shared the Gospel, I am noticing that He constantly refers to the fulfilling of scriptures, that the reason for His coming is as King, that the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, that the Kingdom of God is at hand, that one is to repent, and believe in Him (Mark 1:14-15), that we are to seek the Kingdom of God first (Matt 6:33).  Since this is the great commission, to share the King, Jesus Christ is returning to set up His Kingdom again, righteousness is only from Christ alone, that peace He offers is the peace that the world does not understand, cannot give and surely cannot take from those which God has given to His Son Jesus Christ, is this what is to be preached to all nations and from pulpits ordained of God?  There appears to be more of a "social gospel", speaking from man appealing to man's flesh, as opposed to the saving, salvation Gospel, appealing to the essence of man, the heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Are my interpretations on the right path or what?


On the first account. 

We are yet sinners, saved by the grace of God. To be a saint, is to be a set a part sinner, redeemed by the blood and righteousness of Christ, to serve Him. But we are still sinners 1Tim 1:15 Paul said plainly and unashamedly, "I am" not I was, the chief of sinners. Religious people , do not like this terminology, because they are blind to the reality of their corrupt hearts, and ignorant of the glory God gets from His children that  "will not lie" Isa 63:8 

John said plainly, 1John 1:8-10 we are deceived if we say we have not, or have no sin. Do not abandon this confession. Christ is a Great Highpriest, who everliveth to make intercession for sinners. Heb 7;25 Share this with your friends, and warn them to be ware of the fig leaves of self righteousness. God desires the truth, from the inward man. Ps 51:6 Or else we are none of His. Beloved sister, true religion is reality according to God's Word, in the heart. Rom 10:9,10 

On the second account, the reason their is a proliferation of the social gospel, is because men and women have been blinded to the real need. The Churches are apostate and spiritual things are preposterous to them. That we are to help people, in a social context, is fine, but once that becomes our gospel, we have abandoned Christ, now we are into the new age gospel of humanism. It is totally man centered   2Thess 2:3-11 Rom 1:21-32 / 2Tim 3:1-7 

Only the elect will see this!


Dear Pastor Jesse,

I am the woman who has attended your church a few times and I have been trying to contact you to ask a question concerning a situation that happened to me almost ten years ago. One Sunday afternoon when I was 23, I had just joined foothill Baptist church and was not yet saved, I was outside my house discussing the sermon with my neighbor a 40ish woman. It had to do with Jesus' cousins who's mothers wanted their share of the kingdom for their sons but had no clue that the crown they'd have to wear was that of thorns and the pain tat came along with drinking from his cup....I was so shocked that my neighbor knew everything I was talking about. I also had a brother who had been shot 9 times and lived and was telling her about that. She then began telling me of how she had just had a mastectomy and all of a sudden I felt as if I was feeling her pain as well as my brothers as my heart went out to her.

Now at this time I was a Fruitan vegetarian and was only consuming raw fruits and supplements, it was a mildly warm day but I suddenly fainted and this pain began to consume me in waves from head to toe. I tried to snap out of it but only crawled an inch and fell again at that time my neighbor was in her house calling 911. I heard a voice somewhat feminine, telling me to just give up and die because this pain was so great and trust me it was an indescribable pain ( I went on to have 3 children years later and that pain paled to the one I felt when I fainted) I was totally cohesive at the time and I just remember feeling as though I was in a tunnel or something and constantly being told to just give up as the waves of pain washed over my body. Suddenly I heard praying in tongues and it was my neighbor Samella was her name...I seemed to cleave to that voice and I gained consciousness. When I opened my eyes I saw paramedics hovering over me asking me my name the year and who was the president. I answered and soon felt embarrassed. I asked why they were talking to me this way they said "mam you had no pulse, your heart had stopped." And I said what do you mean? I asked them to help me up and told them I was alright, when I stood I felt cold and realized that I had urinated on myself, one of the paramedics said that I had given my last rights....I started shaking and crying as what happened while I was unconscious re-played in my head.

My question is what does all this mean?



This situation is called a near death experience. You were on the verge of leaving this world. It was not your time. Many people have had the general experience of tunnel vision. Sometimes bright light, others dark. Some hearing voices of friends or parents, someone close or important to them. Sometimes it's an out of body experience.

And yes the enemy could well have been teasing you on to die, if in fact you were not actually saved. "He comes to kill, steal, and destroy" . John 10:10

And yet God's elect will be kept from this temptation until it is God's time for you to go. After He has saved you, and revealed Christ in you, the hope of glory. Col 1:27

The other events within the dream, are compilations of your imagination or conscience based upon previous experiences. Just as a dream is composed of a lot of information we take in by experience, and formulate a story, which becomes so vivid to us, we often think it's a message from God or something. Sometimes it can be His prompting's to move us in a direction. But we must always be careful about dreams visions, voices. That is where the enemy works chiefly.

Hope this helps,


(Question) Being a new member in the body of Christ, how do I go about gaining a closer relationship with Christ. What steps do I take? What is Christian Living?

Dear Pam?

This is both a prudent and crucial question.We hear terms such as closer and deeper and more intimate.The only time such terms are valid in the gospel, and the life of the true believer, is when they have drifted away from Him, by distractions and cares of life of which the master warned.

Mt 13:11-23  Hebrews 3:12-15   2Peter 1:11

My dear sister, I would desire nothing more than that you should avoid the calamity  befalling many who thought they knew the Lord, but did not, and are presently in a state of presumption, that their problem is simply that they are not close to God, when in fact they have never met Him, in the truth.So with all my heart, I say this, IF you have come to know our great and glorious and majestic Savior, in the gospel of His Free and Sovereign Grace, you are as close as you will ever be to GOD! 

Col 2:6 As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: 7 Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.You are as close as you can get. And rejoice in the Words of the Apostle.Now to grow in His word, and learn of Him, so as to abound in joy and love, which produces good fruits, by which our adoring God is glorified, is both our desire, and His goal for us.

John 15:1-17.

This will be the believers unmatchable experience.Dear Pam, read the above passages in your bible along with the ones on the bottom, and may God give you wisdom.And I trust that God has taught you the gospel. John 6:45

By His Grace, alone.

Near, so very near to God, Nearer I could not be; For in the person of His Son, I am as near as He.
Dear, so very dear to God, Dearer I could not be; For in the Person of His Son, I am as dear as He.
I with Christ am truly one; And Christ is one with me.
The love with which God loves His Son, That is His love for me!

Here is a similar one by Catesby Paget...
A MIND at perfect peace with God: Oh, what a word is this! A sinner reconciled through blood: This, this indeed is peace.
By nature and by practice far, How very far from God! Yet now by grace brought nigh to Him Through faith in Jesus' blood.
So nigh, so very nigh to God, I cannot nearer be; For in the person of His Son, I am as near as He.
So dear, so very dear to God, More dear I cannot be; The love wherewith He loves the Son, Such is His love to me.
Why should I ever anxious be Since such a God is mine? He watches o'er me night and day, And tells me, "Thou art Mine".

John 5:39  John 17:3 Ps40:7 Acts 10;43 Luke 24;13-32Rev 19:10  John 10:27-29
Gob bless you , richly


( Question) When your Husband or Wife walk out on you for no apparent reason, will he or she be punished?

( Answer) This is a fairly open ended question. It has no real context.

We however will give some general principles for the edification of others reading. 

(1) God hates divorce: malachi 2:16. The book of Malachi is devoted to the condemnation of this hideous heartless practice, into which the corporate people of God fell , when the restored Temple was  established, under Nehemiah, and Ezra!

Jesus said; From the beginning it was not so, " What God has joined together, let not man break asunder. Mt 5:31-33  Mt19:7-1012   Mark 10:4   

The one clause for divorce, according to Jesus, and that one has it opponents, is ongoing unrepentant, fornication or adultery: This would indicate that the guilty party was not saved. And did not know the grace of God. Even though He or she may profess religion. " We know them by their fruits"

1cor 6:8-10  Gal 5:19-21 . God makes it clear, through the Apostle, that those who practice such things are lost!

And to remain there, is to be damned.

Now this is the tenor of scripture dear reader, because our World, has be looking on the Church for millenniums and has learned to blaspheme God through the disobedient Church folk, who professes to know Him but in works deny Him!  Titus 1;16

This practice of leaving ones spouse is at the heart of the devils goal to destroy God's order. From it, and bad marriages, I must say; come all the maladies in our present corrupt society.Rom 1:1-28  2Tim 3:1-9  Gen 6:1-20  Gen 19:1-17

When we lose respect for the sanctity of marriage, and allow selfish ambitions to drive our narcissistic desires, we actually are working for the enemy, and thus become God's enemy.     

What is the answer? Only one! Repent! Repent, And that's a gift of God!

I hope this helps

By His Grace 



I been sharing the Gospel with one of my Co-workers, and he came to me with the idea of Jesus being the First of God's Creation?? Jehovah's Witness theology claims that Jesus Christ was God's first creation so I know that he must have come from that kind of background even though he denies it, or it might be another cult or whatever. I have already share with him this verses Isaiah 9:6, Hebrews 13:8, Philippians 2:5-7 and John 1:1-2. But he claims that because in John it says that 'In the beginning' "En arche" that makes it clear that Jesus had a Beginning, well I'm asking for someone Help on how I can show this brother the proper way to understand this passage and if you can provide other verses to show Him that Jesus is not a creation, but the Creator.


The issues is two. (1) Spiritual blindness and willful rejection of Christ equality with the Father! Either way or both, such a person is damned if, they do not come to repentance. 2tim 2:24

Three brief points

(1)   First born, (Col 1:15)  does not only mean, first in chronological order of creation. This would be to read a superficial interpretation into this concept. In Psalms 89: start at verse 20 for context, then read to vs 27. There God calls David His first born. David was neither the first king, nor was He first born in His family, He was eighth! 1Sam16:9-13 Yet God calls him firstborn. The term means preeminent, The highest in favor or order of rule! David was a type of Christ! Again Ephraim is called first born Jer 31:9. And yet Gen 49 teaches is that Ephraim was not firstborn, but second to Manessah. Why? He would serve as a type of the true Church, and the Lord Jesus. The principle being, the elder shall serve the younger! Gen 25:23 

(2)  Christ asserts equality in (essence) with His Father , every where He says, "I Am"  John 8:56-58, John 8:24, Rev 1:8, 17, Isa 41:4,44:6,48:12  John 10:30,  Phil 2:6

(3) Jesus warns, to deny this is to perish!

John 8:24; John 5:19-23  1Tim 3:16

After we labor to make all men see! When they don't we must leave it with God. They are presently or permanently blinded, by their own prejudice, or the devil 2cor4:4-6 That is a spiritual issue, only God can solve!

By His Grace


Dear Pastor Gistand,
How does one respond the young Believer's questions regarding not being truthful when it comes to a matter of saving lives as was the case with the stories of Rahab  and also the Midwives. 
After going over the ten commandments in Deut. 5  and "not bearing false witness against thy neighbor", the question was then, does neighbor refer to a fellow Christ follower only.  This one among others, left me without a response. 
Thanking you in advance for your assistance.
Walking by faith and not by sight,


Rahab's values were right. As were the midwives. To save life. To preserve life. What was not quite accurate was Rahab's ethics."How to do what's right". Morals are the what to believe and the ethics are how to do it. 

To say the least we all will from time to time be confronted with the impossible task of doing what we know is right, the right way.

This is because we are not God. All powerful, All knowing, and Everywhere present.

We are subject to the limitations of our nature and God's providence. Events will confound us. But not God!

What Rahab did was lie. She told a lie, that was not right, but she saved life, that was right.

We cannot commend her method, but her motive is evidence of her being before of the Spirit.

The law of God, is to always be held up for what it says. Never divert once from the Holy standard. It not only  tells us what is right, it is a reflection of HIS Righteousness and Holiness. Rom 7:12

This is designed to cause us to see ourselves for what we are not, even in our best efforts, we will from time to time, be utterly flawed in the performance of it.

Rom 3:20,23

This is designed further, to drive us to Christ!       

Gal 3:24-28

We are sin, even in our good deeds. That we tell the truth, should be the tenor of our life. That we fail to do this from time to time, means that we are what we are, sinners. For this reason Christ came into the Word.

1Tim 1:15  

Isn't that Gods news?

By His Grace Pastor Jesse 



Pastor Jesse,

Many of my Christian friends state that there is nothing wrong with living among non believers unless they are making it difficult for your "walk". My roommates are decent Muslims, respecting our differences and similarities in all areas of life. Is this a proper living arrangement in God's eye despite my common sense telling me there is nothing wrong so long as the respect remains?


About living with non Christians, even Muslims, the question will always be, is this the will of God, for me? Am I able to maintain my perspective and priorities as a believer?

Am I comfortable enough with their diverse opinions so that I am not consumed with judging them, instead of waiting, learning what the significance of their religion is and where it fails to address the real needs of the soul.

This too, as so many other issues, is a perspective and priority issue. What are my priorities? Am I rooted and grounded?

Can I not exist in a pluralistic environment and be able to stand in my convictions? This is a wonderful test for the child of God in the real world.

I know of people, who have almost never been in  the real world. I think of ministries, who have sheltered folks with their ideology. And as such those people are really and truly dysfunctional. They can't see properly!

And they couldn't hold their own against the tide of opposition against Christ. Too timid, too inward focused and not grounded.

I hope this experience proves to be a successful test, making you more aware and more experienced in real world challenges for the everyday believer in Christ.          Col 4:5,6   Mt 5:43-48



Pastor Jesse,

Iíve been working for a company 5 years and had many opportunities for promotion and all that this entails - from hourly to salary, long days, more prestige, power, etc. - but, Iíve continued to decline offers for the same reasons that most would take the jobs. Is it correct to turn down jobs or not apply for them because of the cost I will pay? I am trying my best to pray and let God decide, but how does a person know what God's will is for him/her regarding career? To make a long story short, I understand my current job is not my calling, but often feel frustrated that others are progressing and I am stagnant waiting on God to reveal my calling in life. Are there any scriptures I can study about this matter?


The question for the child of God is always, how will this promotion allow me to more effectively witness to Christ?

Will this allow me to serve God more effectively in the corporate body, by virtue of being able to give more to the ministry of the gospel? Or to help those in need? Or to facilitate other God honoring ministry; etc.

This is how a mature believer thinks who is spiritually aware of His calling as a pilgrim and stranger in this world, and that time is indeed linear, and we all are headed to meet our maker, and to give an account to Him of our stewardship.

Mt 6:33 Rom 14:17 Rom 12:1-3  Ps 37-1-5 And most of all remember to pray about any move you make and ask God to lead you, through His Word, by providence and good counsel. That is a wise believer. And God will bless that, I'm sure of it!




Dear Pastor Jesse,

Please explain to me why a woman is NOT in need of a head covering in these same days according to I Cor. 11:2-16.  I'm afraid I do not understand why the women of the Church do not follow this practice now. I know why some women choose to practice head covering. The same with the wearing of pants instead of long skirts. Are we wrong for wearing slacks or pants? Is it not modest even if we are wearing conservative clothing?

Yes, I'm being challenged by someone concerning this practice of woman covering her head when in prayer and in church gatherings and always (because we are told in the scripture to pray without ceasing.)

I admit I do not sense anything but legalism about this practice. (It's a tempting practice!) However, Paul says to the Corinthian women to wear this head covering.  I am of the opinion, at the moment, that this was a temporal and cultural practice.  It was an act of rebellion against her "authority", her husband, and his authority, Christ Jesus, to have her head uncovered when praying or prophesying. (Of course we don't prophesy any longer.)  

I feel I'm being pressured into making a stand one way or the other. I don't trust myself to know what is right at this moment. If it's God I'm offending by not covering my head when I pray in private or in public then I would do whatever it takes to stop offending Him! However I don't have the time, nor the energy for a wild goose chase. Of course this friend doesn't believe it's a misplaced practice for today and is urging myself to "honor God" by covering my head, especially in prayer. Also to let my hair grow as it is a woman's glory to her husband. Oh, yes, and to wear the head covering to show the levels of authority to the angels.

Pastor Jesse, I have consulted a pastor up here, Christian articles, the WORD, and other believers of both sexes concerning this question. Pastor Bernie Van Ee is a Christian Reformed Pastor of great grace and who's firm in his beliefs. He says it is a cultural practice of that time. I tend to agree with that take on the subject. I also find that after searching it out briefly, that the head covering practice is only temporal but the honor and subjection to the authority is not. That is forever, no matter how it is shown. The practice of wearing a head covering is of their time and culture. Is this a commandment of God??? I cannot tell with all of the "chatter" in my ears! I think the commandment of honoring your "head" is righteous and commanded.

Enough chatter from me! Please, tell me what you believe too! You're good at cutting to the chaste. Can you help me with this one? I would so appreciate it.


It is true , as you have said, the subject in first Corinthians 11 is about divine order. vs 1-7.


It is about a genuine subjection of the woman to the man, chiefly , a mans wife to her husband, and in the context of Church, the woman's place as a subordinate in the chain of commands. Vs 10.


Paul, used the question regarding head covering, to demonstrate this principle, then He extended it to creation, as a second witness. Vs 14


He then addresses the problem that was occurring in Corinth with women usurping authority and men allowing them.


It was a matter of women becoming less subjective and more aggressive about spiritual things, to the point that they openly spoke in the worship. Cor 14: 34-36.


That the custom was for women to wear head coverings is clear. But the issue was not the head coverings, it was subjection to authority, implied. Isa 4:1


We are not thinking clear  at all, to assume that the gospel, is establishing a dress code, instead of a code of ethics. We are indeed trapped by legalism and have missed the main point, if we think piety can ultimately be seen in material clothing." Show religion" Mt 23:25,27


Many women who dress in almost Burka fashion are as obstinate in their hearts towards male authority, and are given over to complaining, gossip, and self righteousness, as the harlot in thongs; and God sees it just that way!


1tim 2:9-15   1Peter 3:1-7


Generally when a woman is pushing head covering on someone else, there are other issues in the heart going on. 


The gospel is not about the force of outward conformity, but inward transformation.


Is it alright to wear a head covering? Sure. But don't force your practice on someone else. Rom 14:1-8  1cor 11:16   


The pants issue is ridiculous. The text speaks of things whereby women are intentionally trying to imitate the men.


It warns against the marring of the distinctions between men and women.


Black women in many cases can't grow long hair!

Are they born shamed? Course not.


The issue is cultural. If the precept does not fit every culture all the time, it is not gospel. It is religion.


Meaning; We have completely lost sight of the Glory of God, in Jesus Christ. And fallen prey to looking at self.


By His Grace




Dear Pastor Jessie, I have "3" questions:

1) I have heard you say that at conversion, we receive a new spirit, but that the new spirit has no power. I also understand that the old nature is not eradicated or removed at conversion. My question is if the new spirit has no power, and the old nature is alive and well, how can a Christian live in victory?

Also, do you have cassette tapes on Romans chapters 6-8 that I may purchase?

2) II Timothy 1:7 reads "For God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love, and reasonable thinking." I have looked up this verse in several different translations of scripture, and I noticed that the "s" in each translation is not capitalized which suggests that it is not a reference to the Holy Spirit. In this particular verse, is the "spirit" that the Christian is given not a reference to the Holy Spirit, but rather a reference to the new spirit received at conversion? If so, this would suggest that the new spirit we receive does in fact have power, but this would be a contradiction to what is written about the new spirit not having any power as referenced in question "1" above. Can you clarify what the "spirit" we received is, and if it is in fact the new spirit we receive after conversion, how does it have power?

3) In listening to your radio program the week of August 21, 2006, I think I recall you stating that Satan no longer has access to heaven (please forgive me and correct me if I misquoted you); if this is correct, can you provide an explanation for Job 1: 6 - 7:

"One day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them. The LORD said to Satan, 'Where have you come from?'
Satan answered the LORD, 'From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.' " I see that Rev. 12:10 makes mention of Satan being cast out of heaven, but I thought that this was a reference to a future event as much of Revelation seems to be.

Thank you very much, Pastor Jessie, and as above, if you have cassette tapes on Romans chapters 6-8 that I may purchase, if some of your staff can inform me on how to make those purchases, that would be appreciated.



Thank you for those questions.


With regards to the believers abilities, after conversion; that we have a new spirit, is clear from several passages:

Ezekiel 36:26 says A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. Notice , that God gives us a new spirit. The old one is dead. Eph 2:1-5 It cannot respond to God, it will not obey God. Only a new Spirit has this principle of obedience in it. 2Cor 5:17

But that spirit , though it has power to will, desire , aspire towards and long for, Rom7:19 according to Timothy2Tim 1:7: it must be strengthened, assisted by the Spirit of God. Take a look at Verse 27 of Ezekiel: And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.

We see then, that although we are renewed in the inner man, by the Grace of God, and His regenerating work, yet to move out in successful obedience to Christ, require submission to and dependence upon the Spirit of God. This is always the case.

Even our Savior had to be empowered by the Spirit to do the work of ministry. Mt 3:13-16 , Although His human nature was pure and free of sin, yet it still needed the enablement of the Spirit to do the work. Luke 4:14,18 

And we see also that He had to be strengthened by the angels, when under heavy trials. Luke 22:43 How much more so us?

You see the spirit is willing,( the power to desire) but the sinful nature is weak. Mt 26:41, Mark 14:38  

Crying Abba Father, is what we do, because we are born of God; But obedience, is always through the Spirit of God, the third person, the true dynamic of obedience ; This was the purpose from the beginning. This way God gets all the Glory!

Not by power nor by might, but by my Spirit , Sayeth the Lord.  Zech 4:6

I hope this helps with this question.

You can e-mail our tape ministry from the website for Rom 7,8 


Question (2)

 Is Satan still, able to enter into the throne room of God, to accuse the brethren?

The Answer is no. Unequivocally no!

 Unless of course the work of Christ on Calvary's tree is not finished, the law is not satisfied, justice has not found a resting place through judgment, sins are not put away, and God's redeemed have not yet received a righteousness which places them in the same exact standing as their  substitute and Savior Jesus Christ; Justified! 2cor 5:21   

Rev 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. 

And Vs 9. " He was cast out into the Earth.

Many teachers, make the grand mistake of viewing Revelation largely in a futurist interpretation. And therefore assume that much of what is declared is not yet fulfilled. This is a mistake, and does great unkindness to believers. Rev 12 clearly addresses the time of our Lord birth, His persecution, His death and subsequent resurrection. Something glorious, happened! Our redemption was secured!

And where as the enemy, had access to Gods throne room, even up to the Cross of Christ, for right before our Saviors final Work, Satan requested to have Peter to sift him; Luke 22:31. But once Christ went to Calvary, He completely destroyed the capacity  of this prosecuting attorney, called the Accuser of the brethren , to even be heard in God's court room, again! Ever!

Read Rom 8:33-35 It is clear that God, is not hearing any more accusations , against His people. His Son has openly triumphed against all the instruments and weapons of war against their souls, because of their sins, through the Cross!

This is GOOOOD NEWWWWWS! This is the gospel!  So that although, the enemy was in God's ear, 4000 years ago, in the days of Job, the Savior, had not come, in person, as Jobs justification. So that men in the old testament, were often, tested with the call to trust a Savior who WAS to COME!

And God would take such occasions to demonstrate how He could keep His own, even though the work of redemption, by Christ, was not yet actually accomplished in time. John 19:31        

Now satan can accuse you! He can speak to our conscience, if we are weak in faith, and do not understand the gospel; He can accuse us to others, friend and foe; but He cannot get to God; Disbarred from heaven, He has no licence to practice legalism again!   Gal 5:1

I hope this helps!

By His Grace




Please explain Romans 8:38-39.


This passage is a wonder of divine truth, concerning the infallible love of God. Not ours towards God foremost. But His towards us. Jer 31:3 


The Song of Solomon put it this way. 8:7


Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.

What Christ did to obtain His bride, by His sacrifice, suffering and death as their substitute and surety, would never threaten the loss of the objects of His love, through the mortal trials of life, nor the harassment of demons, nor our own fickle constitution. This is the indomitable love of God, for us, and in us!If you know him by faith, and are totally relying upon Him, for grace and redemption, these are things working in you, by the love of God!For faith works by love. Shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. Rom 5:5

And because God cannot lie, fail or change, we have a good hope through Grace!


God bless you 



I read an article, referring to shadows (i.e old covenant law pertaining to the nation of Israel) which has brought up a question regarding tithing. As our government takes out taxes and puts some monies aside for social programs, should I be tithing. From you article, I gathered this practice was another done away with. If I am correct, I gather I should give out of charity and a pureness of heart and not a forced practiced , based on guilt or fear, which many churches push on people today.



 It is the believers privilege, and responsibility to GIVE, joyfully, happily, and out of a willing heart. No coercion. Not compulsory!  Freely.

But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.

7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:2Cor 8:6-15

  Give according to Grace, not works and Law. 



I am a bit confused over literal and symbolic usage of food in the bible. Today, we are bombarded with scientific facts about how our water, soil, and food are contaminated, making it almost impossible to eat anything without feeling guilty of not putting something inside us that is inferior or doing damage to us. As a Christian, should I be preoccupied with adhering to eating only organic food or is praying over food good enough. Moreover, our clothing has come under  the same scrutiny. I understand God wants moderation, but how do I handle this area in my life. I don't wish to be an irresponsible steward of my body.


To answer your first question, Sir,

It is a fact that our society has made it taboo to eat common and accessible food, from the grocery store.

And your sense of it endangering the believers liberty in Christ Jesus is appropriate.

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;  2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. 6 ∂ If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.

1Tim 4:1-8

Furthermore, the Apostle having told us that the kingdom of Christ is NOT meat and drink, but Righteousness, Peace and Joy , in the Holy Ghost. Rom 14:17

Let no man bring you into bondage!     


What does the Bible say about women preaching and pasturing?  Is it wrong to attend a church where this practice takes place if the bible does not support it?


Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.  35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. 1Cor 14:34

Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 11 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.  1Tim 2;11-15

Isaiah the prophet addressed this problem in His day, where the children of Israel were led by the same liberal spirit of error, which has engulfed the evangelical Church, with a false sense of liberty, to interpret the scriptures, in a cultural context, and therefore update the application to fit our modern thinking.

Not only women, but homosexuals, and lesbians, and bi sexuals, and soon, pedophiles, and transvestites, etc Rom 1:26-32

These were the things, from which we were to be saved, delivered, transformed.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. Isa 3:12

Certainly , it is very easy to see, the escalation and ever increasing involvement of women at every level of society. And on a secular level, in many cases I consent.

Our sisters are very capable.

So why not the pulpit?  Isa 14:12-14

Because God says, No! That simple. And apostasy is simply the Church departing from what God says, and dong what is right in it's own eyes.      

This too, is a symptom of the strong delusion which has blinded many in religion today. God has given them up to a (working of error) 2Thess 2:9-11

They cannot abide in the truth. Only God's sheep will heed His  voice, the rest MUST follow the dictates of the World. Mt 24:24

Two further points which should help you to understand this error. (1) You never take an exception to the rule, and make it the rule. ( Deborah, Hannah, Huldah, etc)

And mark, that most of the women, who believe they are called to preach. do not preach the gospel. They pedal the same sensationalism, as the rest of the prosperity preachers, the sign and wonder manipulators, and deceivers of men.

Most of  these women, sound like men, act like men, and flaunt themselves about the stage of religion in a pompous shew of the flseh, like their male counterparts.  

A godly women, who knows the true and living God, rooted in the gospel and understands the principle of order, would not put herself in that position. Furthermore, a wise women who understands that which is written, concerning her origin, and her calling;

that she came out of man, and was for the man, under His authority, having been named by Him, this testimony being demonstrated, and upheld only by the children of wisdom, true believers, she would not venture to violate in the presence of God, and His holy Angels! Gen 2-3

There is an eternity of a difference between a religious woman, and a godly woman!  Prov 7-5-26

P Jesse 


At my current place of worship we are often encouraged to "get in tuned with the Spirit because He doesn't stay long."  This sounds strange to me because if the Spirit of God is not present in any atmosphere of worship, I would deem it as man made worship.  What are your thoughts on the Holy Spirit coming and going?


Dear Sister,

 I hope that the place of worship you attend, do not frequently talk like this. Because we are living in a time, where Church folks are being led by another spirit.

( 2cor 12;4) 

This spirit, is a sensual spirit. It is a spirit which affects, not the souls of men for their eternal good, but the flesh. The carnal nature. (Jude 17)

God dwells ( abides)by His Spirit, where the gospel is preached faithfully, and the people of God are committed to the Word of God and His glory. And Jesus said" where two or three are gathered (in this way) in my name" I am there with them. Mt 18:20

And may I also say, that we should be worried about Christ leaving our churches, when we focus, on either self, that is men, the preacher, the special ( so-called) anointed one, or "the spirit"

You can be sure, where there is so much talk about the spirit this, and the spirit that, and the other, those folks probably do not know the Spirit of Christ.

You see, He does not speak of (from) Himself, He does not glory in Himself. It's not about Him, He has a commission to only glorify Christ the Son! John 14:26  15:26  16:13-16

The Spirit of God, does not create commotion. He does not produce gyrations, strange sounds, babbling, or anything that produces sideshow events, in Church! cor 14:33

James 3:16

It first starts by a sensual appeal to the spirit. A carnal highly subjective experience. It may begin beguine, subtle, and low. Eventually it will become loud and tumultuous.

I'm sure you see many of the TV Churches, in their rants.

This is what I'm saying is not of God!

 This is another spirit. Be sure of it!   

I hope this is not the case for your Church.

By His Grace, PJesse  

Question :

I was told that a woman is not supposed to love or even tell her husband that she loves him.  That devotion is reserved for God and that God's response to the wife for her love to Him is reflected through the husband.  Is this scriptural?



That a woman should love her man. That is, a wife should both love, and (say) that she loves her husband, is a given in the kingdom of God!

Listen to the scriptures!  " That they teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children"  Titus 2:4

You suppose it is wrong for the Mother to say to her children " I love you?". She is taught here to love both them and her husband.What's good for the children is then good for the husband.

We all could use many such reaffirming words from those who are suppose to love us. Eph 4:29 

Interestingly, our Savior asks this of Peter, in John 21:15-17 " and that, three times! Here the Bridegroom( Christ)  Eph 5:25, is openly asking the bride ( Peter and every true believer) does She love Him? And She says, openly three times, You know I love you! 

Read the Song of Solomon, 2:5,4:10, 5:8 a parody of the love of Christ for His Church, and the Churches love for Her beloved! They call each other, openly and publicly " beloved"

The open expression of love from both, would shame the cold dark, narcissistic, legal, fearful, empty hearts of many who pretend to know what love is! But obviously do not!         

And don't forget the Psalms! David, said many times; " I love the Lord"  ps 18:1 31:23  116:1  97:10

And don't let anyone hold up the weak argument that " Phileo" is radically different than " Agape".

The Father loveth the Son" Phileo" And He loveth us also.

That's good enough for me! John 5:20 16:27


Question :

(1) My question, Pastor, is how do I give them practical advice on how to deal with the government continually trying to take away our rights as black people without launching a political forum, in the place of the gospel, like the AME's do.


This is a challenge, because our black people by and large have been historically vulnerable to the carrot of political promises. The A,M,E Church was started in the context of racism and discrimination. The problem was real, and necessary to deal with. Also today, we do need to address problems in society. Every immoral practice and law, which does not glorify God, or submit itself to the Word of God, becomes a challenge and opportunity for the Church to speak out. ( Mt 5:13-16 Mark 12:14-17 )

The error, lies in the Church becoming yoked in political battles and drinking from that well and trow of argument and debate, protest, and boycotting; so as to change  (the)  gospel! ; to actually start preaching politics, and civil rights issues, and my rights, and his and her rights, and their rights., etc.

What happens, is what happened to national Israel. By the time Christ came, they were so mired in their relationship to Rome, that they had lost the gospel, and could not recognized Christ or His message. They had fallen from the heavenly calling of Rev 12 ( the woman clothed in the Sun), and become the whore of Rev 17.

This is the case today. As Israel said to the face of the King of Kings, ď We have no King , but CaesarĒ

So the Church is marching not to the dictates of Christ, but politicians who promise all carnal blessings in earthly places. Eph 1:3. Whenever politics and religion meet, eventually the Church is led into apostasy!  PJesse 



Does the believer still have sinful nature?


If we did not have this abiding nature, we would not struggle. Our obedience would be without strife. Our love for Him, and our devotion and service to Christ, would not be intermittent , ebbing and flowing, and filled with flaws, if it were not for that sin, which still remains. Neither would we need a faithful HighPreist to constantly intercede for us. High Priest are for sinners, Heb 5. Rom 7: 14-25 Gal 5:17 James 4:1-3 1Peter2:11 1John 1:8-10

This in part , is how you know that you are saved! It is called sanctification. In the experimental sense, the fact that I want to do what is right, and the fact that I love His law, and His gospel, and everything about him, yet I am also inclined to sin, which grieves me, and causes stress, and a desire for my full adoption rights; that is to be glorified , so as to love him fully and perfectly, is evidence that my perfection is yet outside of myself , preserved in Christ Jesus , my glorious vouchsafe and Surety! Col 2:9,10 Col 1;27,28 Phil 3:12-15   PJesse



Could you clear up some confusion regarding salvation? Does the complete salvation message consider repentance, believing and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, or just believing and confessing on the name of Jesus Christ?


Without a doubt, the message of redemption and salvation in Christ is one of repentance from dead works, and faith towards God. Heb 6:1-3

The life that has not bee changed by the Grace of God, from idolatrous self living, has not yet been redeemed, bought back, born a again, translated out of the power of darkness, into the kingdom of His dear Son, Col 1:12-15

 is yet still lost. This is the danger of the decision doctrine, which has no bases in scripture.

When a person actually, (BELIEVES) on the Lord Jesus Christ, it is because God has planted faith in His heart. Eph 2:8,9, as a consequence of hearing the gospel preached: and now the person has the conviction, by the Spirit of God, that what His Word says is true!   

(1) That He is totally a desperately lost soul apart from the intervening Grace of God, and helpless to save themselves.

(2) That Christ blood and Righteousness, is the only satisfaction that God is looking to for the sinners ground of (acceptance) before God. 1cor 1:30   

(3) That what happened at Calvary, forever put away not only His or her sins, but permanently and soon to be eternally judged, condemned and destroyed the works, and the person of the devil, who held them blind to the reality of the truth which is in Christ. John 16:8

The response to this revelation, we call the gospel, is a life of appreciation, commitment, and devotion to King Jesus.

Anything else is a farce and a scam.  1Thess 1:9



    Please remind me of exactly what HyperCalvinism is.  I really get tired of being labeled HyperCalvinistic when I tell other professing Christians about salvation by grace alone (as opposed to the "I accepted Christ and therefore." doctrine).  A personal response would be appreciated (versus a post on your web site).  Thanks!


    I will personally respond to your question but will also address it on the sight, anonymously to instruct others. First hyper, simply means extreme, overboard or beyond. It usually refers to folks who do not have a firm grasp on the balance of the doctrines of Grace. And tend to say things about God's sovereignty which are neither true nor biblical. For instance. An hyper Calvinist, would deny human responsibility. He would deny that when God says. " Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest" that the person is not responsible to come. He or she is. This is an imperative. It is a command. That the person is unable apart from the grace of God to come, is another story. John 6:44 

    When He tells us to believe, that is our responsibility. It is a command, not a suggestion. However, no one will believe apart from the Spirit of God, planting faith in the heart! Phil 1:29, Eph 2:8,9  1Peter 1:21. When God says,  " Look unto me all Ye ends of the earth and be Ye saved" Isa 45;21  That is  a command. To not do it, is disobedience.  But until God gives us eyes to see, and ears to hear, prov 20:12, we cannot see the glory of God, and will not trust him! Rom 3:10-12

    God commands dead men to live! Ezekiel 37:1-10 John 11:1-25. And yet they will only live, if He gives them life. Our guilt lies in our nature. We by nature in Adam, are hostile towards God, and rebel against Him,and are dead spiritually, and so are condemned already, because we do not believe on him. John3:18  This is the first work of the Spirit of God: John 16:8 I suspect that the parties with whom you are speaking probably despise the Sovereignty of God, or at least are troubled by this truth.

    If that is the case, until God shows them how extensive their sin is, and that they contribute nothing to their salvation, not even their decision, they are still ignorant of what Grace really is!  Rom 9;31-34   10:4 I hope this helps. That it will be posted will help others!

    A word of encouragement. " Do not be ashamed of the gospel. It is the power of God, to everyone who believes it" Rom 1:16



    Jesse, do you believe that all those who believe in free will are lost?


    Brother, what does it matter, what I believe? 1Thess5:21.  What is clear from the Word of God, is that Freewill is not the gospel and therefore people who knowingly embrace a doctrine which cannot be defended in scripture, which makes God a failure, and impotent to save, whom He wills, apart from their permission, is indeed another gospel! ( Golden Calf )

    You know this to be true! Does God save sinners through lies? John 8:31-32, 2Thess 2:13, John 14:6, James 1:17,  2Thess 2:9-12.  My earnest concern for the Churches (yours) are their inclination to cater to the (raw) flesh, to get men's approval about God: when the labor of the gospel, is to get God's approval, and beg him to open their eyes and hearts, as He did Lydia's and the gentiles  Acts 14:27, 16:14,  2Tim 2:25. 

    Men and women were set free from Rome, only through the gospel of God's Sovereignty to save!  Huss, Wycliff, Luther, Latimer, Calvin, the reformers, the puritans, Bunyun, Spurgeon, etc.  None of these men, speak as does the so called brethren today, who seem to be offended by the doctrines of grace, because it leaves the sinner to begging, not choosing, looking, not making a decision, asking for salvation, not accepting Jesus into their hearts. 

    What a delusion!   And here is the evidence that you are in trouble: not only are the scriptures cloudy, ambiguous, "antinomies", but there can be no fellowship, because the gospel is not received!  This is the drift I see in Churches that are not standing for the gospel, but hiding it under a bushel! The bible answer man, has all the Charismatic, Pentecostals, Catholics, Anglicans, Episcopal, and everybody, but Muslims, in the so-called camp! They all have one thing in common! Freewill works religion! And most of them hate free Grace!   Rome, is alive and well, in the evangelical Church, without the garb!  2thess 2:4 "man centered".

    Be warned my beloved brother!  "Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have. Luke 8;18 

    Some people seem to have the gospel, but because they are ashamed of it, it will be taken away. The only thing they will have to say, is to the sinner! Come to a god, who cannot save you, unless you let him!  Isa 45:20   "No man can come to me, except the Father which sent me, draw Him!"

    You know what I've learned? Real sinners love the gospel! They know that it was all of God, that saved them. And they have no problem with being told again and again, it's all of grace! In fact they rejoice in free Grace! "I sought the Lord and afterwards I knew, He moved my soul to seek Him, seeking me; It was not I, who found o Savior true, No! I was found, was found of thee!  That's a true confession!  Don't lose the gospel, or the candlestick is gone, and you don't even know it! Love for Christ will be seen by a love for the message of the gospel. This was Apostles Paul's love!   2Cor 11:2,3

    The comment which prompted our writer's question!  

     Lev 13: 12-14

    "Only complete lepers can be pronounced clean"

    And if a leprosy break out abroad in the skin, and the leprosy cover all the skin of him that hath the plague from his head even to his foot, wheresoever the priest looketh; 13 Then the priest shall consider: and, behold, if the leprosy have covered all his flesh, he shall pronounce him clean that hath the plague: it is all turned white: he is clean. 14 But when raw flesh appeareth in him, he shall be unclean. Lev 13:12-14

    As long as a person does not see that His whole being is so corrupted with the leprosy of sin, through and through, from His heart, to his actions, to His motive to His volition, his will: He cannot be declared clean!

    The High priest of mans soul, Jesus Christ, is looking for men and women who will admit, that even their will is corrupted with the leprosy of pride rebellion and enmity. As long as the will of man is free from the curse of sin, and the bondage and slavery of the fall, he is unclean! He cannot be saved! He will never be accepted before the high Priest as clean. One piece of raw flesh, disqualifies him. 

    Furthermore, He has made God a liar!  Isa 1: 5,6 Eph 2:1-5

    Col 2:13  Ezekiel 37:1-10  John 5:24,25

    Only completely needy sinners, totally depraved, helplessly and desperately leprous through and through will find mercy, and a pronouncement of clean by the highpreist !

    Titus 3:5 Rom 9:16  James 1:17  John 1:13  Ps 110:3

    Every heretical Church believes in freewill. This is humanism. This is the raw flesh,This is the seed of the apostasy! Rom 8:6-8  



    Is it to late to save someone even if they have died, with prayer?


    Heb 9:27 tells us that after death, all men are in a permanent sate. Whatever that state is finally, is known truly only to God. If they were lost, and did not know the Savior, they will not have an opportunity for repentance. This is what makes the word, now, so important. Luke 16:19-31 tells us about a rich man who goes to hell, and is unable to come back, or to be saved. And revelation 22:11,12 also underscore the same. May we by this truth, be encouraged to let men know, that today is the day of salvation! By His grace, Pastor Jesse.


    Dear Sir, I have thought, through the teaching of others, that sanctification is an ongoing process in the life of the believer, but after listening to your teaching "Buried with Him" , I  believe you stated that we are sanctified already. If to be sanctified means to be made holy, why , then, are we told to "be" holy as God is Holy, if we are already holy? Every day I am acutely aware that  I fall far short of being holy. I listen to your program every morning at 5 AM  and am greatly pleased that you have straightened out my thinking in certain areas, and have actually confirmed things that I always knew are true but have been taught/preached at, otherwise. It is difficult for me to believe anyone's preaching without having more than one scriptural reference to verify his statement. Please do not be offended; I am just looking for the truth. Thank you for the work that you do.


    I thank you for that question and comment. And by no means am I offended. I enjoy people who are earnest and labor for truth.  I do believe that I give several references where the doctrine needs to be developed. If you go to the commentary section of our website, you will find several articles on sanctification. Also remember. God said, "I am the Lord that sanctifieth you"  Lev 20:8 He sanctifies His people by setting them apart. (Election!)  2Thess 2:13 Then calling them by His Spirit, through the gospel. "Conversion or regeneration)  John 17:17 Acts 20:32  Then qualifying them to service. "Ministry"  The Holiness of all believers, is always their connection to the Holy one Himself.  1Peter 1:15,16  That is why Paul said in 1cor 1:30  Christ is our Sanctification! We are sanctified in him, by Him, with Him. 1cor 1:2   2Thess 2:13   1Peter 1:2  Sanctification is always a by product of Justification. Rom 4:25 8:28-30   And what I want to encourage you to know, is that while we are commanded to be Holy, it is not the product of fleshly efforts. That's WORKS! That's the labor that results in pride and self righteousness, also failure and Hypocrisy!  When God works in us, to will and to do of His good pleasure, and producing in us the fruits of righteousness, it is always  "By Christ Jesus".  Phil 1;11 I preach the Sovereign Grace of God, because it is the message which gives God all the glory in everything that pertains to us, and our Salvation. 1cor 1:26-31 "Be ye Holy, for I am Holy" Simply means to live out what you are already, because of His Grace. God bless you, and continue to listen. PJesse



    Hello. I am wondering what the best passages would be to explain the point of the Old Testament, the old covenant. Iím trying to explain about the Old Testament looking forward to the cross and the New Testament looking back to the cross, and about the law being a task master. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.



    Good question. This truly an issue that is essential to understand if one is to walk at liberty in Christ. If one is to enjoy the grace of the gospel flowing out of the Rock of the law! Here are several passages which will help underscore the biblical hermeneutics and message of the scripture.

    John 5:39,46,47, Psalm 40:7,8.  Col 2:13,17,  Heb 8:7-13,  Heb 10:1

    The lamb doctrine goes back to Abel. Yet John the Baptist says in John 1:29 "The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." Jesus in Luke 24:25-32 explains your very point, by showing the disciples how it is that He fulfilled the very promises of the old testament. It can be simply put this way.  There are two covenants. One is done away. The New covenant is present and everlasting. The first served as a shadow, and a type, to bring in both Jesus Christ, and the New covenant in His blood, and to establish the gospel of salvation through Him, who finished the work of atonement for sins. But, it was the same God, same Savior, same salvation, which is salvation by Grace through faith in Christ alone, both in the old and the new! For the just shall live by faith!  They looked for Him to come the first time, we the second!  Same gospel, same hope.  God bless you




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